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Started in the year 2006 Two Star Safaris has grown to be recognized as one of the fast growing indigenous owed safari companies in Kenya.

Specializing in budget camping safaris and luxury tented and lodge safaris, Designer safaris have left the discerning traveler spoilt for choice. We have something for everyone may it be a climb to Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro , safari to see the African wildlife or a beach holiday to unwind we are an e-mail away.

Our safaris in Kenya are as diverse as our beautiful country. Sleep under the star studded African skies as you experience a Kenyan camping safari under the canvas. Kenya camping safaris and Kenya lodge safaris are the best ways to experience the true Kenyan safari. Camp close to the Kenya wildlife in Maasai mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu and experience the thrill of a true safari. Indulge in pure luxurious camping in the 5 star luxury camping tents in Maasai Mara.


Explore All Corners of Kenya With Us

Join us to experience the wild beast migration that moves from Serengeti into world famous Maasai Mara every July/August. Designer tours and travel will partner with you in realizing your dream of a true Kenyan safari be it in simple camping safaris or top of the range luxury tents or lodge safaris. We specialize in beach holidays, college tours, Family holidays, group holidays ,private safaris , hotel bookings, car hire , camping and lodge safaris.

We are registered with the Ministry of Tourism , the regulating body for all tourism and travel related business.


Our Philosophy

Join us on a journey of discovery, luxury and great experiences with Two Star Safaris.

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Responsible and sustainable tourism

We believe in preserving and protecting the natural environment, wildlife and local communities for future generations. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and promote sustainable practices throughout all aspects of our safari tours and travel services.


Cultural immersion

We believe in the importance of understanding and respecting the cultures of the local communities that we visit. We aim to provide our clients with an authentic and immersive experience, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the people and places they visit.


Personalized and flexible experiences

We understand that every traveler is unique and we strive to provide a wide range of options and activities that cater to individual preferences and interests. We believe in creating personalized and flexible safari experiences that allow our clients to fully immerse themselves in the natural world and local cultures.


Expertise and safety

We believe in providing the highest level of safety and comfort for our clients. Our team of expert guides and tour leaders are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and support throughout their safari experience.


Preservation of wildlife and conservation

We believe in promoting conservation of the wildlife and their natural habitats in the areas we visit. We strive to raise awareness about the importance of preserving these habitats, and the animals that live in them, by educating and engaging our clients in conservation efforts and activities.


Educational and life-enriching experience

We believe that traveling and safari experiences can be educational and life-enriching. Our safari packages are designed to educate our clients about the culture, history, and natural environment of the places they visit, and to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet Our Team

Two Star Safaris team of expert guides and tour leaders are highly trained and experienced, dedicated to providing you with the highest level of safety, comfort and service, while sharing their passion and knowledge of the natural world and local cultures. We strive to provide you with an unforgettable and authentic safari experience that will last a lifetime.

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Bianca Muthoni

Chief Executive Office

Milton Mwendwa

Tour Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Two Star Safaris negotiates with airlines to offer the best fares to customers. The company provides a personal consultant to take care of clients' needs and has experienced staff that ensures continuity of service. They offer at least two alternatives for each route, chosen from the most logical and best priced fares of the day, and have particular experience in arranging complicated itineraries. They also provide 24-hour emergency call service in case of flight cancellations or delays and store important personal details to make future bookings easier. They also inform clients of travel discounts and package deals via newsletter, and provide tips and assistance with visa applications for destinations.

  1. Skilled professional travel and tours consultants.
  2. Use of appropriate and current dated technology and software that enables fast and efficient services, providing you our client with all the information you may require from time to time.
  3. A strong online marketing experience that enable us to take advantage of digital marketing techniques.
  4. Professional and excellent customer service.

We operate from 8 am to 6 pm Mondays through Friday and 9am to 1 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

  1. Build a good reputation and be a key player in the industry.
  2. Develop a strong base of customers.
  3. Increase sales volume.
  4. Increase customer service.
  5. Always offer value for money.
  6. Improve profitability.

  1. We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  2. We grow through invention and innovation.
  3. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics in all our aspects of our business functioning.
  4. We expect and support exceptional service for customer satisfaction.
  5. To offer consistent quality travel service.
  6. Accountability.

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